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Finitor is a system to make a map (ground plan) of a terrain. It is a survey system in combination with a data processing program.

The map represents roads, buildings, manholes, trees, railings, levels. The surveyor determines in the field the properties of the map objects. He is constructing the source of a complete drawing. The system guarantees a high accuracy and is very reliable. A tachymeter or GPS receiver is used as measuring instrument. No drawing- or notepaper is needed. Topographic measuring is a combination of taking observations and data input. The data input is so complete that the CAD drawer can omit a lot of his traditional handling. The input of data depends strongly on the information that you want to see on the map. In one case you want to represent a tree as a round (symbol); in another case you also want to see how thick the tree is. The more information has to be given, the more important become easy manipulation and efficiency. In combination with the processing system Finitor the survey measurements meet this requirement. The point information is added by a simple code. The code can be learned in one day. The learning of the data processing system takes even less time. The final product is a DXF file, for use in CAD programs.

Finitor is developed by Basten Software. Practical use during years has proved its efficiency. It is the easiest way for surveyors, architects and builders to get a drawing.


The license allows the use of the program for one enterprise location for several workstations and laptop computers. For another enterprise location you need a additional license.